Where Can I Get a Gyro Near Me?

Where to Find Gyros Near Me?

To discover where you can satisfy your craving for gyros, explore the “Where to Find Gyros Near Me” section in the article “Where Can I Get A Gyro Near Me?”. The sub-sections “Popular Gyro Restaurants in the Area, Gyro Chains and Franchises in the Area, Gyros at Local Food Markets, and Gyro Food Trucks” will provide you with a comprehensive list of places where you can enjoy this delicious Mediterranean dish.

Popular Gyro Restaurants in the area

Searching for the best Greek food? No worries! Just click “Gyros Near Me,” and you’re set. Check out our top picks for “Popular Gyro Restaurants” in your area:

  1. The Greek Spot offers classic dishes with homemade tzatziki sauce.
  2. Vegan? Gracias Madre has seitan steak gyros.
  3. Khan’s Kebab for delicious lamb or chicken gyros.
  4. King Gyros for unbeatable prices and generous servings.

Venture outside the city center for an unforgettable dining experience. Did you know that in Greece, “gyros” refers to how the meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie? When you need comfort food, visit a gyro chain for the perfect ‘taste of home.’

Gyro Chains and Franchises in the area

If you’re in the mood for a gyro, you’re in luck! There are several Gyro Chains and Franchises near you that you can visit for a fantastic meal. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, Tzatziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, and Pita Pit are popular options.

You may even find local restaurants or food trucks serving their delicious versions of gyros. For a truly unique experience, consider visiting a family-owned restaurant that specializes in Greek cuisine. These places often use traditional recipes and offer a cozy atmosphere. When it comes time to eat your gyro, pair it with tzatziki sauce and feta fries for the ultimate flavor!

Gyros at Local Food Markets

Searching for gyros? You’ll be thrilled to know there are lots of options! Check out three ways to get them:

Note: Some local food markets offer gyros all the time, while others only have them sometimes. Keep an eye on their social media and websites to stay informed.

Gyro Food Trucks

Gyro and Shawarma Mobile Trucks are the latest trends in street food. They bring fresh, hot, and customized gyros to customers. They offer various options – from lamb, chicken, and falafel to vegetarian options.

These vans roam cities, making finding them in different locations more accessible. Plus, they’re often affordable and ideal for busy city dwellers.

Gyro Food Trucks are usually found in high-traffic areas like parks, office complexes, or markets. So they’re super convenient for lunch or shopping trips.

Due to their unique setup and delicious options, Gyro Food Trucks have successfully created loyal followers.

How to Make Gyros at Home

To make delicious gyros at home, you need to have the right ingredients and follow a step-by-step tutorial. In this section on “How to Make Gyros at Home,” you’ll find everything you need to know to make perfect gyros in your kitchen. We’ll cover the ingredients needed to make homemade gyros, provide a step-by-step tutorial on making gyros at home, and offer tips and tricks for making the perfect gyro every time.

Ingredients Needed to Make Gyros at Home

Making your own Gyros is easy! Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll need for an authentic taste. Quality ingredients are a must – lamb or chicken meat, tzatziki sauce, pita bread, tomatoes, onions, lettuce.

Cut the meat into thin strips. Marinate them in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, oregano & salt for an hour. This will tenderize the meat and make it juicy.

Cook the meat using vertical rotisserie or skewers. You’ll get an authentic taste and texture.

Now you can impress your taste buds and friends with homemade Gyros!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Making Gyros at Home

Are you longing for the perfect gyro? This guide will take you through the process step-by-step. Here’s what to do:

  1. Gather all the ingredients and tools like lamb or chicken, pita bread, tzatziki sauce, and a grill or stovetop griddle.
  2. Shape your meat into the classic gyro cone. Cook it until evenly browned.
  3. Warm up the pita and cut it open. Add onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce to the cooked meat.
  4. Start from one end of the pita and fold it tightly to the other side. Secure with aluminum foil if needed.

Add fresh herbs like parsley or mint to your gyro for extra touches. Master the art of seasoning, and your homemade gyros will be as good as any Greek restaurant’s. Try it today!

Tips and Tricks for Making Perfect Gyros at Home

Experience the art of making perfect Gyros at home. Here are some helpful insights into creating delicious homemade gyros like your local Greek restaurant.

  1. Quality Meat – Use lamb or beef that’s been marinated overnight for great flavor.
  2. Seasonings – Get the mix right with herbs, spices and salt.
  3. Skewering – Stack the meat slices uniformly and cook it with the right techniques.
  4. Cooking Temp & Time – Know when to take it off the heat for desired texture and taste.
  5. Finishing Touches – Serve it with pita bread, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce and other condiments.

Experiment with flavors by adding garlic or honey. Quality ingredients and precision are key to great grilled gyros. Get creative with unique ingredients and personal twists. Be sure to WOW your family with your own priceless homemade Gyros!

Different Types of Gyros to Try

To explore the different types of gyros to try, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some new and exciting options. Traditional Greek gyros are a classic favorite, but why not discover the unique flavors of Turkish doner kebabs, Middle Eastern Shawarma, or even Mexican tacos al pastor? Each of these sub-sections offers a different taste and cultural experience that you don’t want to miss.

Traditional Greek Gyros

Gyros: A Greek Delight!

Experience the traditional Greek delight of succulent meat in warm pita bread. This Middle Eastern-inspired dish is a must-have street food in Greece and a fan favorite worldwide.

  • Meat options include grilled lamb, beef, or chicken slices.
  • Toppings of fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce, plus tzatziki or hummus.
  • Served as a wrap or sandwich.
  • Quick and easy to eat on the go!
  • The word “gyros” means “turn” in Greek, reflecting the rotating motion used when cooking the meat.

Explore Gyros Innovations

Mix it up with gyros – try different meats like pork loin or shrimp. Or, go veggie with falafel mix, topped with various veggies!

Discover Gyros’ Fascinating History

Gyros, along with souvlaki and moussaka, is one of Greece’s most iconic dishes. It has its roots in Turkish döner kebab but with a Greek twist – using pita bread instead of naan bread. Get ready to savor this tasty treat!

Turkish Doner Kebabs

Are you ready to spice up your life? Turkish Doner Kebabs offer a unique twist on Middle Eastern Shawarma. Enjoy flavors like Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and even Tofu! These special kebabs are marinated with flavorful spices, roasted on a big vertical spit, and then sliced for serving. Wrap it up in flatbread or pita with vegetables and sauce for the perfect meal. You won’t want to miss out – your taste buds will thank you!

Middle Eastern Shawarma

Tantalize your taste buds with Shawarma – the delicious Middle Eastern dish! It’s slow-cooked on a rotating spit and sliced thinly after marinating in special spices.

It’s usually stuffed into a pita or wrap with toppings like hummus, tahini sauce, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. It can be made with chicken, lamb, beef, or even falafel for a vegetarian version.

For extra flavor, add zhug – a hot sauce made with cilantro, parsley, garlic, and chili peppers! Whether it’s street food or restaurant quality, Shawarma will surely make your Middle Eastern culinary experience one to remember.

Mexican Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor is a Mexican style of spit-grilling marinated meat on a vertical rotisserie. It is made with pork, pineapple, onion, and coriander – combining a salty spiciness with the succulence of the pineapple.

This dish has Lebanese origins, arriving in Mexico with migrants in the early 19th century. Pork is marinated overnight with Guajillo chilies, achiote paste, cumin, garlic, and pineapples. It was named after the shepherds who traditionally cooked lamb on a spit-roasting grill.

Tacos al Pastor are cooked over charcoal for hours till they get crispy. The flavor is like a punch wrapped up in a spicy, delicious wrap.

My friend visited Mexico once, and he couldn’t stop talking about the flavorful tacos from a street vendor he tried. The aroma drew him to the spot, and the people crowding around it only made him more interested. One bite, and he knew his trip wouldn’t have been complete without tasting these amazing tacos! Gyros are like a Mediterranean hug in a pita.

About Gyros as a Dish

To learn more about gyros as a dish, with a focus on the history and origins of this famous Mediterranean food, the nutritional information that comes with it, and the variations of gyros around the world, you’re in the right place. In this section, we’ll examine the different sub-sections to help you understand more about your favorite food.

History and Origins of Gyros

The modern gyro, a dish enjoyed by many, is said to have originated in Greece during the early 1900s. It was introduced by Greek immigrants who brought the idea of a vertical rotisserie from Turkey. The dish immediately gained popularity, opening the first gyros restaurants in Greece in the 1920s. Since then, it has become a special meal around the world.

During the 1960s, gyros restaurants began to open in various countries. The first one in the United States appeared in Chicago in 1965. Since then, gyros have become a popular food item in America and can be found in many cities across the country.

Originating from Greece, the gyro is a widely enjoyed street food in many parts of the world. It is typically prepared with lamb or beef that is roasted on a vertical rotisserie. The meat is then sliced and placed in pita bread with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce.

Here are some additional facts about the history of gyros:

  • The word “gyros” comes from the Greek word “gyros,” which means “circle.” The meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie that rotates in a circle.
  • The first gyros restaurants in Greece were called “souvlaki” restaurants. Souvlaki is a similar dish that is made with grilled meat that has been skewered on a small stick.
  • Gyros became popular in the United States in the 1970s. The first gyros restaurant in the United States was opened by George Apostolou in Chicago in 1965.

Did you know, Gyros include spices like paprika, cumin, and oregano too? 

If you haven’t had a Gyros yet, it is high time you do! You won’t regret this flavorful and culturally rich delicacy.

Gyros may not be the healthiest option, but at least your stomach will be full for the rest of the week.

Nutritional Information About Gyros

Gyros is a unique dish, and analyzing its nutritional value is important. Gyros can be a healthier option for fast food lovers. The traditional recipe is made with lamb or beef mixed with spices and vegetables. It’s roasted slowly on a vertical spit and served in pita bread with tzatziki sauce.

Nutritional Information:

  • Calories: 706
  • Total Fat: 36g
  • Saturated Fat: 13g
  • Trans Fat: 1.2g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 1.8g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 16g
  • Cholesterol: 151mg
  • Sodium: 1854mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 43g
  • Dietary Fiber: 3.4g
  • Sugars: 6.8g
  • Protein: 51g

The gyro sandwich is a delicious meal option that provides a good amount of protein and carbohydrates. However, it is also high in calories and fat; vegetables like lettuce and tomato provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Overall, it can be a healthy and convenient meal choice.

Variations of Gyros Around the World

Gyros – a delicious Greek dish, that has many varieties worldwide. Each region has its unique ingredients, cooking methods, and presentation styles. Here’s a table of the most famous gyros versions around the globe:

RegionNameMain Ingredients

Greece Gyros Pork/chicken, tzatziki sauce, onions, cucumbers

Middle East Shawarma Chicken/lamb, tahini sauce, pickled veg

Mexico Tacos al Pastor Pork, pineapple, cilantro, onion

Germany Döner Kebab Beef/chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber

USA Chicago-style Gyro Plate Lamb/beef topping french fries

In places where gyros are not traditionally popular, they may be tweaked for local tastes, e.g., Soy gyros in India. The equipment used also affects the flavor, e.g., rotisserie, vertical broiler, spit cooked over a wood fire.

Pro Tip: Mix and match sauces and wraps to find your perfect gyros combination! Whether you say ‘gyro’ or ‘hero,’ this dish is worth a medal.


Hungry for a delectable, genuine gyro? It’s simple to find one close by! The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill has two convenient locations in your area- Mt Pleasant and James Island (more soon) serving Charleston. Plus, they are restaurants that provide gyros for delivery or pickup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to Find a Gyro Near Me

Q: Who sells gyros near me?

A: Many places sell gyros near you! You can check your local Mediterranean restaurants, Greek eateries, sandwich shops, and food trucks for delicious gyro options.

Q: Where can I get a gyro near me?

A: You can get a gyro near you by checking out your local Mediterranean and Greek restaurants. You can also check out food trucks and street vendors for delicious gyro sandwiches and platters.

Q: Can I get gyro delivery near me?

A: Yes, many restaurants that serve gyros offer delivery. You can check apps like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash to find a Mediterranean restaurant that delivers near you.

Q: What is gyro food?

A: Gyro food is a Greek dish of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and sliced off in thin, crispy shavings as it cooks. The meat is typically lamb, beef, pork, or chicken, and it is served on pita bread with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce. Gyros are popular street food in Greece and are becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world.

Q: Where to buy gyro meat near me?

A: You can buy gyro meat at your local grocery store or specialty meat markets. You can also ask your local Mediterranean restaurant or butcher if they sell gyro meat.

Q: What are some popular gyro restaurants?

A: Some popular gyro restaurants include The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, Ali Baba Mediterranean Deli, Athens Restaurant & Grill, Athens Restaurant & Grill, orTaziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. No matter which restaurant you choose, you will surely enjoy a delicious gyro in Charleston.


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